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Santorini Villas and Mansions began as the dream of one developer, who saw beyond the rubble and crumbling ruins that remained of Santorini following the earthquake that devastated the island in 1956, particularly in a charming little village called Megalochori.

Beginning in 1999, the developer began to bring life back to the neglected village. A historian by education and a developer by passion, his vision restored and modernized life in the village without sacrificing its original Cycladic charm, thus, a Village Hotel was created featuring a selection of quaint local shops and two exceptional dining options, Raki and the fine restaurant Spiti serving fine Mediterranean cuisine, both of them operating under the management of Santorini Villas and Mansions. He also installed modern utilities and rejuvenated the village square. What's more, in the very centre of the square guests will find a reception area offering an exceptional concierge service to help them organise their holiday. To walk the narrow winding streets of Megalochori today, one would not sense the village’s troubled past. Instead, there is a distinctive peacefulness and tranquility with a modern dynamic: a unique place that although recently reborn, has not lost touch with its past.

Each home in the Santorini Villas and Mansions collection began with this same vision: historical ruins within a traditional village setting would be rejuvenated as luxury homes: private and secluded, within the unique setting of authentic Santorini villages. Once grandiose mansions of Santorini’s former wealthy wine-making families, wine cellars with massive open vaulted spaces, and traditional Santorini houses were lovingly renovated with painstaking attention to original detail and individuality.

Our Village Hotel is a haven of exclusive privacy, comfort and luxury, incorporating expert design and creativity, fine materials, local craftsmanship and a passion for perfection. Uniquely Cycladic and universally beautiful, Santorini Villas and Mansions offer accommodation, unmatched in the whole of Santorini Island.

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