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Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Santorini is a foodie’s paradise, home to local cuisine prepared with the flavors that put Greece on the map. Try your hand at preparing some of these famous Santorini flavors under the guidance of a renowned Santorini chef, in the privacy of your villa or in the professional kitchen of Spiti, our restaurant in the square of Megalochori. The local cuisine of Santorini derives from the island’s unique agricultural products, cultivated specifically for the island’s uniquely arid climate and volcanic soil. The chef’s special recipes will showcase local Santorini products like fava, cherry tomatoes, miniature white eggplants, and capers.

Guests will receive a traditional Greek cuisine hands-on practical cooking lesson where they learn how to prepare and cook heartwarming family recipes. Guests prepare the dishes together with our home cook, and restaurant owner who over the years has learned the authentic way of cooking traditional Greek dishes. All the recipes have been passed down from our Greek families' mothers and grandmothers. 

Upon completion, guests will enjoy consuming their own creations paired with famous local Santorini wines!

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