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Architecture of Villas and Mansions of Santorini

Due to its long tradition in wine-making and the utter old-world charm, the village of Megalochori in Santorini boasted a selection of old mansions, residencies and wineries that were converted to accommodate their guests in absolute luxury and privacy as well. All of these villas and mansions have been designed with the principles of Cycladic architecture and wine-making tradition in mind.

Each of the properties is Feng Shui and Geomancy certified, and they do also offer a natural ambient interior temperature. The natural insulation of the earthen walls of the space regulated the temperature of the house, keeping the interior warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Today, this natural insulation continues to be an advantage, maintaining a constantly cool interior environment, even on the hottest summer days.

But let’s find out the individual characteristics making every villa that special.

Mansion Kiara

This converted mansion used to be a winery and cellar or canava in the local dialect. The whole building has been refurbished, always respecting the original structure. The mansion still features creative design elements and relics of the initial building, such as sunken cylindrical troughs on the floor, once used for distilling the wine after the grapes were pressed. Moreover, the organic shape and proportions of maintain to tell the story of the canava.

Mansion 1878

Restored to its original splendor, retaining the original layout and traditional features, the gracious proportions and weathered building materials create an atmospheric setting and travel guests back in time. Interior spaces are characterized by smooth curved walls, intense natural light, cylindrical troughs sunk into the ground and arched doorways. Outside you’ll find  
a walled courtyard with a private swimming pool for refreshing dips.

Villa Io

Once used as the school of the village, Villa Io is now a delightful property with traditional vaulted ceilings and arched passageways. Its airy white interiors are always cool and comfortable, and the smooth curved walls create a feeling of serenity. The private courtyard is fenced with vibrant red plaster walls for an utterly traditional touch.

Afrodite House

As a traditional residence of Santorini, this house has been renovated, yet still maintains all of the original features, such as vaulted ceilings, arched passageways and smooth curved walls. Additionally, all further alterations were made with respect to the property’s significant past.

Stone House



Named after its exterior walls made of volcanic stone, this property served as a winery and cellar for producing Vinsanto in late 20th century. Decoration is influenced by the typical Cycladic style, and all the original elements, such as the sunken cylindrical troughs on the floor, vaulted ceilings and whitewashed walls showcase the historical value of this house.








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